Massage is an ideal stress-buster and rejuvenates every faculty. Many doctors today advise their patients to make massage therapy a part of the treatment plan. They do so because they know that it helps speed up the healing process and increases wellbeing.

The tantra massage is a variant of this time-honoured system of imparting health and wellbeing. By providing a tantric massage to his woman, the man is not necessarily sending overt sexual signals. In tantra, massage is basically a form of worship. In India, deities are bathed in milk and offered incense during ‘pujas’ or worship sessions. This is the spirit in which two intimate partners assume the roles of worshiped and worshiper.

Whatever else the tantric massage may or may not lead to, it must be given and received in this spirit. It must, above all, be a genuine massage which follows certain scientifically established hand strokes and movements so that the recipient indeed experiences physical and mental benefits.

Before engaging in tantra massage, one must first ensure that the right kind of oil is used. Experienced practitioners use natural oils which lubricate the skin to make the process easier and more effective and also have excellent beneficial effects on the body.

Almond oil is a long-standing favourite because it is the perfect softening and soothing agent. It helps the skin to regain correct moisture balance. Besides being non-greasy, almond oil is also rich in Vitamin E. Vitamin E helps cure many skin disorders and restores natural glow.

Yet another popular choice is grape-seed oil. It contains linoleic acid, which helps restore proper skin cell structure and is a great moisturizer, too. Apricot oil is perfect for dried-out, sensitive or aged skin because of its unique revitalizing properties. Avocado oil, jojoba oil and wheat germ oil are also extensively used.

Interestingly, a correctly administered massage can cure a many physical and mental problems. It can help detoxify the body by causing cells to eliminate accumulated wastes. Massage also relaxes the muscles and enhances proper blood circulation. This helps the blood to get fresh oxygen supplies, and this is important in new cell generation.


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